Just a Few Holiday Decorations This Year

We are keeping Christmas very simple this year…

Most years I go into the forest and harvest holly berry branches, red osier Dogwood and Juniper greens. I like to use natural materials in my décor. Some years I have gone way out on my holiday decorations, both inside and out and have enjoyed the creative nature of designing the displays. But this year my energy was just too low I found it hard to get inspired, so I gave myself permission to take it easy this year.

VERT tree close up

TinyTannenbaum! The rosemary trees in a vintage crock in my dining room.

Oh, Christmas tree – holiday symbol made popular in 16th-century Germany.  These sweet little trees don’t have to be decorated just display them in unique containers for their sweet holiday charm to shine.

We put the white twinkly light on the outside of the house and two strands of colored lights inside; one on the fireplace and one on the antique china cabinet. We hung three socks on the fireplace added some natural rose hips we gathered from the Todd Farm, a few candles and called it a day.

Rosemary tree and dresser

My hand-painted dresser acts as a server when we have company.

Yesterday at Sewall’s Health Food Store I saw this cute Christmas tree shaped rosemary herb and I splurged. I found an old crock warmed it up and put it on our dining room server. It added a bit more festivity to the inside of our home.

VERT medum view of Rsemary tree

A touch of natural materials makes me happy.

We won’t be doing any major holiday entertaining this year, just my son and granddaughter for a holiday meal near Christmas.

In the spirit of the holidays, let’s revisit a few vignettes from previous years here.


I was inspired to decorate the playhouse two years ago.

House front SNOWY w Thanksgiving text and leaf jpeg

Natures holiday gift, a Christmas eve snowfall!

2013 Xmas Card before text

A collage of the winter wonderland we often have here on the homestead.

Happy holidays all!

Small House homesteader, Donna

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