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We are senior homesteaders on a challenging 5-acre property with a Zone 5b garden located in SW Michigan, USA.

We moved here in 2000 to grow our large, organic garden and to have control over the quality of our food. We selected this part-wooded and part-sunny property with a modest ranch-style home and pole barn not only because it is the last of the affordable land in our state, but also because it is surrounded by the 85,000 acre Allegan Forest Preserve. Our proximity to the forest, green space, lakes and streams gives us many places to hike, kayak and run our bird dog.

Of great importance to us in our carefully chosen location, is being surrounded by State-owned land where the state of Michigan does not spray. This translate into to fewer chemicals in our water and soil and less run-off from nearby farms. Fewer chemicals means healthier food and a healthier us.

We also come here to work with our hands; Donna in her art studio, White Oak Studio & Gallery and Gene in his blacksmith shop, the White Oak Blacksmith Forge.

We named our land, White Oak Acres and from this the Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead Blog was born.

We now have a black Labrador retriever, Sassy and 8 hens in our pack and three granddaughters who are the light of our lives.

Donna & Gene Allgaier-Lamberti with Sassy

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  1. I have two 275 water totes just like yours. Do you have a post outlining how you connected the two totes together and installed your blow off?


    • There is a post on my blog about how we did the totes. They are connected via a white plastic pipe. My husband did the connecting so I am not sure about “blow off.” if you go to my blog and search for water totes you should find the posts. You can also Goggle How to set up water containment totes. This is how we found out about them initially.


  2. Donna, I am amazed at all you are doing. I know much joy is derived with raising your food and working your land. Thanks so much for your visit to Everyday Living. I will be keeping up with you


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