It’s Been One of Those Weeks

When it rains it pours….

A stone hit the windshield of my Subaru last week Wednesday and it cracked. I drove the 45 miles to Holland on Friday to get it replaced. That was a day gone out of my week the week before Christmas but at least I had insurance that covered its replacement, right?

Sometime last week we had a computer glich that took away the photo header at the upper left hand side of this blog page. I had to recreate it and reposition it, so that was an unexpected project also.

On Sunday while printing off Christmas letters the HP Office Jet Pro quit after two letters. So now I drive again to Holland tomorrow to buy a new one. Normally I would wait until my normal monthly errand day but I really would like to get my personal holiday letters out before the new year.

I also need to pack up the old one to send it back to HP to receive credit on the warranty we bought. But how do you print out a mailing label when you can’t print? Duh!

I have a real thing about mechanical and electrical items that have been manufactured to break and be replaced. If I was in charge this is NOT how things would be made.

Panel green USE

Gene unloading repurposed roofing panels

On a positive note, we did make progress on the covered chicken run. The frame is partially built and we picked up the bartered roofing panels. We bartered “sweat equity” for the panels and some wood.

White Roof pieces on ground and wood

Corrugated roofing panels weighted down by wood and waiting to be washed.

Two more days until Christmas…hopefully I can get those letters printed off and in the mail soon.

Small House Homestead, Donna


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