A Perfect Early Summer Day

Today dawned sunny and cool and without the awful humidity of the past two weeks. What a blessing! I opened up the windows and turned on the window fan. It was lovely to have fresh air soaring through the homestead today.

RIR circling the food dish

We had a heavy rainstorm move thru our area last night dumping another 4.5” of rain on us. Our water containment totes are full to the brim for the second time this season, which is good, but my poor potted plants that decorate the front of my home and hide the ugly air conditioner are rotting. I pour out any standing water but I am still not successful in drying them out enough to really matter. Sigh. They were so pretty and doing so well.

Pole barn freshly mulched

It is a lovely day here in the homestead; breezy, sunny and warm with low humidity. A perfect early summer day.

Gene building coop 02 flag in background

What I accomplished today….

  1. Loaded and put down one truck load of bark chips. Weeded flower beds at the pole barn and added bark chip mulch to those beds.
  2. Picked-up and shoveled a truck load of well composted horse manure soil.
  3. I filled 15 grow bags and pots with soil and planted 15 heritage tomatoes. I have more tomatoes to plant but I am out of containers and ground.
  4. I did a large load of wash (including our water-bed sheets) and hung them on the line. By afternoon they were folded and put away.
  5. I washed a load of dishes and by afternoon emptied the dishwasher and put them away.
  6. I started searching for organic chicken feed that is not mash as the chickens seem to prefer pecking the seeds and so much mash is wasted.
  7. I also did some Internet research on Curcumin, recommended to us by an acupuncturist friend.
  8. Gene worked on the chicken coop extension completing the two sets of double doors, ran Sassy and helped me when asked.

Two grow bags aiwht tomatoes

Lots of projects getting done on the homestead this month as I know that the heat and humidity of July is coming, as well as my granddaughter!!

Load of wash on line

Small House Homesteader, Donna