Miss February

Today the doorbell rang and the UPS guy handled me an unexpected envelope. What?

I opened it to find a dozen USDA calendars inside. The 2016 calendar was apparently a special promotion biosecurity for backyard chicken flocks. I looked for a letter, found none, and still I had no idea what this was about. Okay then, I thought it was a mistake and I would take them to the local farm store and donate them. On the way to the store I looked inside and imagine my surprise when I spotted my photograph of Snowball as a pullet. I was published!!

I had taken a series of images using a tree stump when the Cochins were about 6 weeks old and in what I think of as their funniest stage. I trained them to jump up on the stump using meal worms as a treat.

Funny chickie babies 4 FBcollage jpeg Funny snowball on stump USE

Then it all came flooding back. There was a “Submit Your Photo” contest and I’d sent in my image. Now my funny and quirky Bantam Snowball the Cochin/Phoenix Mix is Miss February! My photograph was one of thirteen images used on the high-end, four-color calendar.

This calendar is considered Program Aide No. 2171 issued October 2015 and is titled Backyard Biosecurity: Keeping Your Birds Healthy. It was published by the Animal and plant health Inspection service Division. You can find out more detail on the piece by visiting http://healthybirds.aphis.usda.gov. You can also order calendars on-line from this site as well.

2016bfbcalendarad biosecurity calendar 2015 USDA

You just never know what surprises the mail carrier will be bringing!

Small House homesteader and chicken keeper, Donna