New Year Challenges

Hello, hello, my friends! Ohhh I have missed you. I feel like I’ve been away for so long! I’ve actually been ‘attempting to write’ for the past few days, but it just. wasn’t. working. Can I admit something? I’m struggling to find my way back after the Christmas break.

Many of us know that life does not always follow “our” plan. No matter how had we work or how well we plan… life often throws us curve ball as we age. Gene and I have been thrown a curve ball this past year, two of them in fact.

27895489-thyroid on chalkboard

Curveball One: My recent diagnosis of Hasimotoe’s.

Hasimotoe’s is a form of thyroid disease; the kind where the immune system turns on the body itself leaving the person feeling exhausted and depleted. On top of that my adrenals have flat lined and need rebuilding. While I am optimistic because I have found a very knowledgeable doctor who uses an integrative approach, it’s hard to not be discouraged when reading this…”For every month you have been ill it takes up to three months to recover.”

I have been on-line researching my health issues and processing the options. I’ve been taking and trying to adjust to swallowing a basket full of supplements to gets my adrenals boosted. I’m working on learning to find recipes and cook in a totally new way and to eat gluten, dairy and sugar free. My plate is overly full right now.

Thyroid in womans neck

Curveball Two: Gene’s memory problems happening at the same time.

This has meant more research on his behalf, more driving to doctor’s appointments and a lot more time talking, thinking and adjusting. Both issues occurring at the same time have been demanding more time and energy than I could have imagined. Especially at a time when my energy level is at its lowest point.

I’ve also found that I am grieving the loss of our dream retirement. I’m not sure why I had this idea that our retirement years would be carefree and fun, but I did. Maybe this idea came from the Florida retirement community advertisements? At any rate, I thought that these would be the childfree years; we would travel, dance, play and generally have a gay old time. Things did not work out that way.

I am sad but I am also trying instead to focus on the many blessings we have. I’m trying to think about gratefulness; Grateful for being alive – grateful for living in a home that is warm and comfortable – grateful to have Medicare and insurance – grateful to have enough.

Small House homesteader, Donna