Walks with Sassy

We took Sassy to the State Game Area today for her daily run. She has been sick from the strong de-worming medication but in spite of that she still needs a short run to burn off her high energy level.

We took her into the Allegan Forest wilderness area to an area that had recent been cut and cleared. We were curious about what had been done and followed the pathway cut back by the big equipment. We are always keeping a watch out for potential fracking sites as well.

Pathway Sassy USE

Run Sassy run!

The Allegan State Area is a unique 50,000-acre state-owned ecosystem. That is a showcase for oak-pine barrens (also called oak-pine savanna.) This area offers a unique community of plants and animals adapted to life on the dry, sandy soils of this area. Allegan County also features lowland hardwood and oak-pine forests, wetlands, ponds and open fields and many of those are found within this area.

This amazing ecosystem is just 10 miles from our home and one of the top 5 reasons we moved here. Not only do we love to hike, fish, kayak and watch birds we believed that this free outdoor opportunity is integral to us in our retirement years. It doesn’t take any money to enjoy the wilderness… only time.

Termite log 1

A termite infested log is still a thing of natural beauty.

Today we explored a recent clear-cut area to see what was going on there. Then we visited nearby Lester Lake to check out the water height after the recent rainfall, and to see what birds were visiting on their migration. The day was warm and sunny and our walk was delightful.

Turkey track

A fresh turkey track caught my attention.

It’s always hard to take time away from the homestead for these walks but once we do, I am always glad for the time away and the beauty we experience.

Small House Homesteader, Donna