Provider Snap Beans Truly Provide!

I love these Provider bush beans; they have really done well for me this season.

Snapbeans diaganol USE

The first batch of Provider beans picked this season.

I experimented this summer with seeding them not only in the ground but also in five, 5.34 size nursery pots I had left over from plants I bought years ago. I filled the pots with well composted 2-year-old horse manure and planted the seeds and watered. Like Jack and his beanstalk they grew and grew.

Pea andbean sprouts early on

The garden early on.

Today I picked my first batch of beans and filled a large Tupperware bowl from just those five containers. This afternoon I cleaned, cut off the ends blanched and frozen them using our Food Saver system.

Beans close

More beans.

I bought these particular seeds from Jackie and Will at Seed Treasurers, Some of you may recognize Jackie Clay-Atkinson as a columnist for Mother Earth News magazine.

Vegetable garden  7 11 15

Beans in the vegetable garden.

They are Minnesota homesteaders who have a small farm-based seed business on the side. Perhaps the smallest seed company in the US, this couple dry the Provider beans seeds, package and label them themselves as a winter business and sell them all over the planet.

Watering vegetable garden USE

The Provide beans in pots on the day I planted them.

They are open-pollinated, non-GMO seeds, non-hybrid, non-patented, untreated heirloom garden seeds. These are what I prefer for the healthiest garden I can grow. I feel strongly that if I am going to eat organic and non-GMO foods, I had better buy seeds that have been guaranteed to be both.

These providers beans are priced very fairly and they only charge the amount needed to ship them, without adding the all too often $9.95 “handling costs “that so many mail-order business add-on. This is just the kind of small business I like to support – fair and high quality.

With my current foot issue I’ll be sitting on the kitchen stool today and preparing them.

These beans are gorgeous and tasty and I will be definitely be buying Provider seeds from Jackie and Will again next year!

Small House Homesteader, Donna