Homesteading: What I Would have Done Differently

At the beginning of the new year many folks start making their New Year’s Resolutions. I admit, I use to do this but I don’t any more. I now have an ongoing list of projects in my computer all year rounds that serves to provide focus and keep me on task.


The entry point to our home down the sidewalk and under the trellis to the three-season porch. This is spring.

Turn around bed and trellis

The same point but in the fall when the ornamental grasses are in flower.

This year instead I am looking back to see what I might have done different on the homestead had I known then, what I know now.

Lupines bricks diaganol USE

One of my favorite flower beds is the native lupine bed in front of our home.

I believe we did a lot of things right but the main change I would have made was to have plant our fruit trees sooner. I was not educated yet and just didn’t take the time to find out what trees would work best for us here. If I had planted those trees early on, we would have happily been eating our own organic fruit from our own trees for the past few years now.

Back of house fall deep sky best USE

Why I call our blog The Small House Under a Big Sky.

That’s it. That is about the only thing I would have changed. And that’s not bad for two mid-life novices who came to the country from the city (think Green Acres!) to work with their hands and grow their own food and make their own artwork!


An autumn view of our pole barn surrounded by White Oak and White Pines.

garden back of porch chartreuse and porch

The rear garden bed behind our three-season’s porch. 

Studio under deepblue sky NICE

My art studio, the former White Oak Studio & Gallery.


The daylily bed under a crabapple trees is the centerpiece of our center sidewalk.


Daylilies in their summer beauty under our trellis.

Field stonesand garden in bloom nice

Our flower beds are edged in hand-collected field stone.

Live and learn, make mistakes and learn from them and rejoice in the successes!

Small House Homesteader, Donna