Published in Living the Country Life

Today I received a hard copy of the early Spring issue, Volume 14. No 1, of Living the County Life magazine.


Living the County Life Cover

This is the issue that published my photograph of our pool shack in the snow. The theme was “Homemade Sheds and Coops” and the magazine printed seven structures and one of them is ours. And, I received payment for it-yea!

The text I wrote reads, “Adding Elements: The back of our pool shack is a canvas I use to add color and visual interest to our garden. The round painted piece is a part of a back of a chair and the three brown items are rusty tool parts. The screen door was a roadside rescue I brought home, painted and hung of the cedar frame of the shack. I find this visually pleasing – a kind of junky funky corner. I am always happy when I walk by and see this display. Even in the snow of winter, this spot brightens my spirit!” 

Pool shack an long row of grasses

 The back of our pool shack with the funky junk I like so well.

This magazine is free and you can subscribe just by visiting its website You can select a printed and mailed copy or enjoy and submit even more pictures on-line.

It’s always a real thrill to see ones work published and it’s even better to get paid!

Small House Homestead, freelancer Donna

Sold a Photograph to Living the Country Life

It was a great mail day today!

I received word today that one of my photographs titled, “The Pool Shack” that I submitted to Living the Country Life magazine (a sister publication of Better Homes & Garden magazine) has been purchased and is going to be used in their magazine during 2015. It will be used in the “Country View” section of the magazine and website.

Pool shack decor in snow USE

This winter view of our homestead was purchased by Living the Country Life magazine.

When the paperwork arrived I realized that they selected it as the “Editors Pick” which means I’ll be paid $100.00 for it. I’m thrilled, not only because it will be published but because I have been saving up for a longer lens for my digital Cannon EOS Rebel T31 camera and this will help.

The image they selected shows the back of our homesteads pool shack that I decorated using a “roadside rescue” (meaning it was free and on the side of the roadway) vintage screen door I painted sage green and used as the centerpiece of my design. It was fun to play with this and even more fun to win the “Send us Your Outbuilding Photographs” contest.

To see the publication or to request a free subscription go to

 This is what I wrote for my submission:

“The back of our pool shack is a canvas that I have decided to use to add some color and visual interest to our garden. The round painted piece is part of a back of a chair and sits inside of a rusty barrel ring. The three brown items on the left hand side are rusty tools parts. The screen door was a “roadside rescue” that I found along the side of the roadway. I brought it home, painted it sage green and hung it on the cedar frame to add interest and color. I am always happy when I walk that way and see this 3D collage.”

This sale takes me back to my publishing roots when I use to take photographs and write human interest feature stories for newspapers.

That was a fun job that I always loved. Who would not love being paid to travel around our beautiful state, meet new people, get invited into their homes and lives and use words and pictures to tell their story. Kind of like keeping a blog, right? 

Thanks for reading and for following.

Small House Homesteader, Donna