A SW Michigan Indian Summer Day

Today we are having what we always call an Indian Summer. I am not sure if this is politically correct to call this by this name now but this what we always called these late fall days in my childhood.

HORZ playhouse under blue sky and evergreesn USE THIS ONE

Indian summer is a period of unseasonable warm, dry weather that sometimes occur in autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. Today is sunny and clear and with above normal temperatures. This usually happens late in the season after we have had a killing frost.

Meadow from studio USE

For us this means a glorious 70 degree in November; sunny and warm! I could have gone to town today with Gene and gone to yoga and run errands but I simply needed to be outside on a day like today. No meetings, no obligations just time to soak up that sunshine and get well! Like taking a kind of mental health day!

Poolshack bue sku USE THIS ONE

I hung a load of clothes outside on the line and then I worked outside half of the day, planting, cutting back the Autumn Sedum Joy, supervising the Rhodies at their free range activities. I even I tried raking leaves but this bronchitis has made me weak as a kitten and it was time to quit. I give up.

Playhouse in setting best USE

So instead I took photographs of the homestead on this beautiful day. Who would think we would be having a 70 degrees plus day on November 2? November is when the cold and snow arrives in my neck of the woods. A day this warm makes me tempted to go to the beach.

large bin from back and side USE

I love how this land looks like a very different place this time of year. The meadow is cut down, the leaves are off the oaks baring their beautiful trunks and the evergreens take their turn at standing out in the landscape.

Meadow boarder woodpile USE

The animals love this weather too; Sassy is out on a blanket chewing on a bone. The chickens are free ranging and happy as can be.

Pcking pants compost bin in rear USE

I’m going to enjoy it while I can because it’s probably just the calm before the storm. So look out Michigan…. the Farmers Almanac says its going to be a colder and snowier winter than usual for us!

Sassy eating bone USE

Small House homesteader, Donna