Physical Therapy and on the Run

I’ve been a bit MIA this past week. I’ve been trying to juggle a new schedule of physical therapy twice a week and exercises three times a day at home.

My house work is not getting done, my bark chips are not getting spread, the leaves are not getting picked out of the stone beds and I am not getting my much needed rest periods either. It’s been a big juggling act around the homestead.


I’ve been struggling with a painful back for many months now and finally got to see an orthopedic surgeon. On the positive side it’s just a bulging sick and won’t require surgery. But it is still a painful budging disk that is requiring treatment and that has sent my schedule into a total downhill slide.

donna 014

Gene and a few years ago.

I also discovered that I have one leg shorter than the other and that has wreaked havoc with my hip, spine and neck areas. My spine is twisted the opposite of where it’s supposed to be and therein lies the rub.

The goal is to straighten my core, learn better techniques for posture and move the hip bone back into place. I may be looking at a lift inside my shoes too.

To quote Betty Davis…’Getting old is not for sissies!”

Small House Homestead, Donna