Keeping our Chickens IN the Chicken Run

Keeping chickens where you want them can sometimes be a challenge. Chickens like to be out and about free ranging and they like to fly. And they REALLY love worms.

Metal stake in cement block

A close up of the cement block filled with dirt that hold the hoop in.

In spite of the four feet high fence, our chickens have a habit of flying out of the chicken run. Yes, we could clip their wings so they could not fly but if they ever seriously needed to escape a predator (or our labrador Retriever Sassy) they would be minced meat. So I don’t clip their wings.

Gene tieing crisscorss use

Gene working on the connection point of the two hoops.

Chickens are smarter than you might think too. Ours have learned that if they fly up on top of the bale of straw they can fly up, out and over the tall fencing designed to keep them in their run. They have also learned that the worms are in the vegetable garden under the bark chips. Destination worms!

New hoops to keep chickens out

The overview of our chicken condo complex.

That leaves them flying out of the run and into the vegetable garden where they scratch up the back chips of the low raised beds. This is not a good thing for me because it meant a lot more work rebuilding and spreading more bark chips and leaves!

New hoops close

Greenhouse hoops new held in place in cement blocks.

Our assignment was to find a way to keep them from flying out and to do it without spending any significant money. This was going to be quite a challenge.

New hoops close  The chickens also like to fly up to the tarp top and fly over from there.

It’s not fancy or perfect, but we came up with the idea of using the last two leftover stainless steel greenhouse hoops and poles along with the left over bird netting and tie wraps. The only out-of-pocket costs to us were $4.00 for four cement clocks to hold the hoops.

Problem solved. Now to determine if it works…

Small House homesteader and chicken keeper, Donna

My Favorite Chicken Resources

I am always looking to learn new tips and techniques to become a better chicken keeper. With my personality, I typically leave no stone unturned…I research on-line, talk to other keepers, read magazines and books and take away what works for me.

Favorite Chicken Resources Background w picturejpeg

I get questions from beginning chicken keepers from time-to-time so I created this resource to help you get started.

My Favorite Chicken On-Line Groups:

1) Poultry Natural Living & Herbal Care

2) Chicken, Critters, Crops and More!

My Favorite Chicken Bloggers:

These two chicken bloggers have blogs that are chock full of informative chicken raising articles that are not to be missed. These are my favorite two.

1) The Chicken Chick

2) Fresh Eggs Daily http:/

My Favorite How-to Chicken Books:

1. The Small-Scale Poultry Flock: An All-Natural Approach to Raising Chickens and Other Fowl for Home and Market Growers, by Harvey Ussery with a Foreword by Joel Salatin. his website is The Modern Homestead

2) Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens, by Gail Damerow (care/feeding/facilities)

These will make for some good winter reading!

Small House Homesteader, Donna