Our New and Improved Small House Blog

If you’ve been following The Small House Under a Big Sky for any time you are likely realizing that our previous blog focus was mostly about our furniture restoration and painting business and it is now changing.

Black eyed Susans front of house

The front of the Small House this past July when the flowers were in full bloom.

This blog is evolving because our life is changing too. I recently realized that 90% of my time and energy is going into our gardening, our homesteading efforts and living a greener lifestyle. If you look back you’ll quickly realize that we are seeking to live a healthier lifestyle building the fertility of our life while building the fertility of our soil.

Walkway lined w grasses

The grass pathway between the meadow garden and the pool. the grasses and seed heads provide food for the songbirds.

And if you look back over the posts of the past few years you’ll quickly see that this blog was really about our practice of living sustainably and organically. As well as about our efforts to create a healthier and more meaningful lifestyle on our small 5-acre “farmette.”

Porch back with beds USE

A small garden bed behind our three-season porch overlooks the back yard and our majestic White Oak trees.

I have recently realized that our life here in this small community in SW Michigan is really all about changing our own small world while creating a sound, native, plant ecosystem and growing better soil and tastier and more healthy food.

Shell birdbath in greenery

One of four bird bath we monitor that keeps water ready for our songbirds.

Yes, I still save, refinish and repurpose vintage furniture but our life is about much more than that.

I have dedicated myself to saving our land, to improving our community and our health while creating something larger than ourselves to pass onto another when the time is right.

Butterfly bush - white garden decor USE

Butterfly bushes in the raised cedar bed sits adjacent to the meadow garden.

My goal is to live gratefully in right-livlihood, to practice my yoga and Reiki daily, to live a life of peace and justice in a community of like minded individuals. And like the Reiki healing techniques I live and practice the Reiki Principles I strive to live by…


Just For Today Do Not Worry ~ Just For Today Do Not Anger ~ Just For Today Be Filled With Gratitude ~ Just For Today Do Your Work Honestly ~ Just For Today Be Kind To All People.

Be the change you seek.

Donna at the Small House Homestead.