Repair Man to the Rescue

  Here my mantra of late…aging bodies, aging house…aging vehicles…and now aging appliances.

Gene and Dan moving stove

Hubby and Dan move the stove back into place.

My favorite large power burner on my 9-year-old Kenmore range hasn’t worked for over a year. The range hood fan quit last week. The sink disposal hasn’t worked in years either and while I don’t really need a disposal with our active compost system, I just don’t like the idea of things failing and not getting repaired.  

Dans appliance truck

Dan’s trusty steed!

Gene and his buddy Ron had replaced the igniter on the range over a year ago and still it did not work without being lit using a match every time. Apparently this job was more than an IT/phone man or an agricultural college graduate could handle. It was time to call in the reserves!

Dan's Appliance sign on truck USE

We’ve found it hard to find a reputable repair person in our area especially one who will take on small jobs. I asked my Facebook buddies who they would recommend. I was given the name of Dan at Dan’s Appliance Services in South Haven, MI., by a local realtor who is in the know for these kinds of things.

With meal making, canning and general three-meals-a-day cooking tasks I really need these two large burners working and a range hood fan that removes the toxic LP gas from my room.

I called and set up an appointment and Dan was prompt and spent about an hour and a half trouble-shooting and diagnosing the problems. A bit on the expensive side (aren’t they all!) I hired him as these repairs had to be done. It turned out we could replace the fan part needed for the Broan range hood and I ordered the fan on-line while Dan was here, looking over my shoulder to make sure I had the right part!

The stove needed two parts ordered which we did. And the disposal would need to be replaced and I said forget it because we compost 99% of our foodstuff and anyway so I haven’t used this unit in ten years or more.

Our encounter was very pleasant and if you own a home and keep it repaired you know how rare that can be! I was very happy with his professionalism, his promptness, his friendly attitude and his quality of work. I will definitely call him back again.

Honestly, I can happily recommend Dan’s Appliance Service from South Haven, Michigan. 269-639-2202. (Disclaimer: I received nothing in return for this recommendation, I am pleased and happy with Dan’s service.)

No matter how sustainable we try to be there are tasks we cannot handle. Homesteader wannabees take note.

Small House Homesteader, Donna