Today’s Breakfast: Fuel for the Journey

 My body definitely craves more food in the morning and less, and often, nothing at night. So I fuel up more heavily in the morning to satisfy those cravings and to give me sufficient energy for my active day.

Full egg in the pan

Put the eggs into the pan, add the spinach and mushrooms and cook about one minute.

This is a typical winter day breakfast for me; three organic eggs (I eat half then and save the other half for a second meal.) I top off the eggs mixture with a small handful of fresh organic spinach, two small organic portabella mushrooms and after folding in half, I add tiny slivers of Applewood Smoked Cheddar cheese with fresh ground black pepper on top.

This omelet is accompanied by two pieces of whole wheat Ezekiel Bread (Food for Life brand) a hearty sprouted toast and my two capsule of CQ10, (200 mg. total) per day. This is lightly cooked in a vintage cast iron pan (no plastic coating) that has a light smear of virgin olive oil in it.

Sliced then, I also enjoy an organic orange for fiber and Vitamin C., often later on in the morning to assure I get enough Vitamin C.

Half omlette in the pan

Flip over in half and add the cheese and pepper.

This omelet is especially tasty and extremely satisfying. Today I am caring for my chickens, dog,  and house, shoveling the sidewalks and driveway and late this afternoon I feed the horses, goats and chickens at Red Horse Ranch where I volunteer. I need a lot of healthy fuel for this kind of outdoor day!

Omlette on plate

Plated and ready to eat.

Later in the day I’ll snack on my ½ cup of Kiefer (probiotic) and my aloe vera gel and enjoy a light lunch, most likely a fresh spinach and lettuce salad with fruit, sunflower seeds, 1 thinly sliced portabella mushroom, chia seeds, and a sprinkle of feta cheese.

Dinner will likely be a light snack like a piece of fruit or a bowl of fresh steamed green vegetables. Or some days, nothing at all depending the amount of energy I have expended during on the day and if I am hungry or not.

I know that this is not the typical American way to eat but it is the way my body-type needs. And that good enough for me.

Small House Homestead, Donna