My Photo Optimization Challenge

My Photo Optimization Challenge

I didn’t grow up with computers as a second language. So sometimes I struggle with the technical demands of blogging. Today my challenge is to figure out how to optimize photographs for my blog.

It may be hard to believe but for the past three years I have been writing my blog without using a photo optimizer. I just did not know they existed.

It was pointed out to me recently by a friendly WordPress on-line technician that I should be optimizing my photographs to save room on my blog. I take and use a LOT of photographs. No wonder I used up all of the available room on my blog in just 6 months.

Images are a vital part of grabbing a visitor’s attention, breaking up long pieces of content, and helping your content be shared across the web. Unfortunately, images also increase the size of your pages.

Every image that you add to a page has to be downloaded by visitors from your server to their computer. This increases page loading times, which can frustrate visitors and have an adverse effect on search engine rankings as well as use up precious space unnecessarily

My on-line search yielded two good on-line options; either GIMP or Jpegmini as two cost-effective, easy to use options. Jpeg mini sound the easiest to me They even had a YouTube video for me to watch an a test program for me to play around with before I made my decision..

To optimize the Individual Photograph:

  • Hit duplicate
  • Run your photographs through Jpegmini

To Optimize the Whole Folder at Once:

  • Drag the folder to the app.
  • Jpegmini will optimize them one by one.

It sounds easy enough to me. And this only costs $19.99 for the program.

I tried a test run of my Barristers bookcase project yesterday. (And no my photographs of sick chick Anna in the laundry room completely disappeared. I still haven’t found them.)

Best of all they have n-line support for questions or concerns. For more info. go to info@ or

My next self-challenge is to learn how to improve my SEO on WordPress.

Thanks for reading!!

Small House Big Sky Donna

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