Auto Immune Protocal Breakfast is Nutrient Dense

I have been on my new path to wellness for 5 1/2 months now. A part of this path is following the Auto Immune Protocol.

Pork bacon and greens in pan USE

This weekend Gene and I drove into South Haven to the Winter Market yesterday. This is a small market during the cold winter months but a few vendors grow greens in greenhouses all winter long.

I bought fresh grown rainbow kale, two bags of spinach, two bunches of carrots and kale. My plan I to eat all of that between now and Thursday.

VERT rainbow chard

Another part of my plan is to cook and eat greens at all three meals each day. This is what the protocol recommends. This is nutrient dense real foods at their best!

This morning I sautéed onions, carrots, the Swiss chard and added coconut oil and two thick slabs of the local bacon we bought a few weeks back.  It’s a new mind-set for me to eat vegetables and meat for breakfast but this is what the protocol recommends. Ample healthy fats and protein keeps us full and feeling satisfied longer. Healthy fat is also necessary for our brains to work at their optimal levels.

Thick bacon close

It was delicious and I feel fully satisfied after eating this. And a lovely side effect is that I’ve lost a whole pants size too. Yahoo!

This functional medicine process is SO impressive. They have a way to get questions answered and to take care of serious health issues. After a lifetime of screwing  around with conventional medicine and not getting any answers, this is like a welcome breath of fresh air.


Small House homesteader, Donna

4 thoughts on “Auto Immune Protocal Breakfast is Nutrient Dense

  1. I’m supposed to be following the Auto Immune Protocol diet, as well, but I’ve struggled for the very reason you pointed out – it’s weird to eat all those veggies at breakfast! I keep starting and stopping the diet… it’s so easy to fall off the bandwagon and eat delicious, wonderful carbs. *sigh* Your meal looks fantastic, though! I’m impressed and inspired.


    • Thanks Rachel. It is definitely about adopting a new mindset…Today I cooked golden beets and a pork chop (in coconut oil) for breakfast….actually it was tasty an filling. I’ve been on this 6/7 months now and I don’t think so much about the old way of cooking and eating anymore. It does get better I think. Thanks for following Rachel!!


  2. Hi Donna, I just recently discovered your WONDERFUL blog!! My husband, Craig, and I started this Homestead 16 years ago…when we were younger (69 and 67 years now) and reading much of your blog reminded me of how much FUN we had through the years in developing our sustainable homestead! And living in the country surrounded by trees, and living chemically free has been such a healthy environment.
    Now, we are learning many Spiritual lessons through Releasing our “baby” to sell to someone else.

    I relate to many of the things you write about…. such as the AIP Diet….and love the recipes you are posting. Please keep up your “mission” of blogging, it is such a worthwhile endeavor. How do you EVER find the time??
    Love and Blessings,
    Lisa Kalloch


    • Lisa, I was happy to see your post…there are many homesteaders out there but most seem fairly young to me. I had thought about starting a group just for senior homesteaders but realized i did not have the time. As you know when you are a senior homesteader” it is a very different situation. I am curious about your selling your homestead….is this due to your age? I ask because we too are facing this situation. It’s a struggle to keep it and a struggle to let it go. I try to imagine another life but cannot think what we will do with our time….I wonder if i can actually live in an apartment again without a backdoor access to the out of doors?
      Yes, I am very busy and just keep plugging along with my blog…I have not been faithful of late with the recent diagnosis of Hasimotos’ Thyroiditus as I have spent any “free” time this winter researching, cooking and visiting doctors. I plan to visit your site to read more about you. Thanks for visiting! Donna


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