5-Star Customer Service from Woods Prairie Farms

Today I received a personalized phone call from Megan at Wood Prairie Farms www.woodprairie.com who had read my blog post while doing an Internet search. Owners, Jim and Megan Gerritson are pioneering the practice of organically grown potatoes.


Apparently my blog review of their company and my 2015 sampler sweet potatoes order gave them pause to reconsider their shipping methods and costs. Megan said, “Your blog post caused us to reconfigure our shipping costs and I wanted you to be the first person to know this. And I hope that you will reconsider ordering from us again this coming year.” Thank you Megan!

I use to be in the public relations and marketing business and owned my own company so I know good business practices when I see them. And this is what I call five-star customer service!

Seed Potato sampler

If you follow my blog you know that I ordered the “Organic Experimenters” Special” sampler of organic sweet potatoes from Wood Prairie Farms last season. I was thrilled to find Monsanto free potatoes and was willing to pay the $19.95 advertised price for 12 potatoes of four varieties but I was shock in the costs of their shipping and handling fees.

Yes, the potatoes arrived in a top drawer custom printed  box, with a four-color Maine Potato Catalog and four-color postcards describing  each of the potato varieties s I ordered , but I was, quite frankly, dismayed at the cost of the shipping. Yes, I should have asked while I had them on the phone but in all honestly I was so excited to have finally found organic, non-GMO sweet potatoes, I failed to ask. See the entry here: https://smallhousebigskyhomestead.wordpress.com/2015/04/30/potato-plantin…-the-homestead/

Yukon Gold image

Wood Prairies Farms is family owned, just the kind of company I prefer to do business with. And they certainly make good on what they promise. But as a senior citizen on a fixed income costs are always on top of my mind. I have to be sure that the produce grown is worth the outlay of costs involved.

I am not being paid for this post. This entry is just being written from my heart. I am impressed with their customer service and follow though. And this year when you plan your garden, I hope you will give them a try.  To order toll-free call 1-800-829-9765 and ask for Megan. And, please tell her you read my post.

Wood prairie Family photo

Feel free to check out their site and their products on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/woodprairiefarm/

Small House homestead, Donna

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