Sitting With My Chickens

To some people chicken are a means to an end… eggs…meat…fertilizer.

Three Rhodies 11-11-15 USE

The girls are curious why I am sitting with them in their covered run.

But to me that are much more. They are my friends. They trust me. I have learned this by sitting with them nearly every day.

It doesn’t take much work or much time. I just sit on the ground and be with them. I watch them, talk to them and caress them when they let me into the flock.

Pcking pants compost bin in rear USE

The come up and peck off bits of dirt from my jeans just like do each other.

I find that they love this activity and come right up to me; they talk to me, look me right in the eye, tell me their mysteries and generally treat me as one of their own.

We connect.

You need only think of a flock of birds flying together or a school of fish swimming together to understand the beauty of connection.

This has become a time of stress reduction for me, a time of peace. I find I am happy and at my most relaxed when I am sitting with my chickens.

Rhodie in leaves nice light USE

Our evening free range time together.

It’s pretty simple really; my chickens make me a more patient, living in the moment person.

I invite you to try it and report back.

Small House homesteader and chicken keeper, Donna

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