Wood Prairie Farm Organic Potatoes Review

I dug up our potato crop this morning. The stems had died down several weeks ago so I knew they were ready. I hate to say it but I was very disappointed with the less than expected productivity of these expensive seeds potatoes I bought from Wood Prairie Farm in Bridgewater, Maine.

Todays haul

I purchased what they call the “Experimenters Special” for $19.99. This is a kind of sampler box with four different potato varieties, four of each variety a way to experiment and to test to see which variety works best in your zone and your soil type.

VERT potatos two varities USE

I was so excited about finding organic seed potatoes as I have not found them easy to locate. I had no luck at all locally or regionally. Then when I discovered this sampler box, I though what fun that could be. I remember thinking that $19.95 for 12 tubers was a bit high but I reminded myself that these were certified organic and I would have to pay more for that certification. And, I was supporting a small, family owned business so I decided to order them.

But when the charge card bill came for the $52.00 total, I was in shock. The tax, shipping and handling on this one small box of 12 seed potatoes was over $32.00. The was one of those very rare times that I did not ask for shipping costs ahead of time and I certainly should have – my mistake and a hard lesson learned.

I carefully planted the tubers in different areas of my garden and marked each variety with a paint stick with the variety name written on it as well as the date of planting. Because I was testing these potatoes I wanted to be sure I could at dig up time tell exactly what was what. They were planted in my Zone 5b garden, in shallow raised beds with our sandy soil that has been amended over the years with compost and bark chips. After they sprouted I put bark chips over the top to keep the moisture in. These potatoes were in the full sun and were well watered throughout the season.

Purple potatoes close

Today when I dug them up I was quite disappointed. The least amount of potatoes in an area from three tubers was two potatoes and the most potatoes in another area were seven small ones. I had planted 12 tubers and I dig up a total of 23 small potatoes. Good grief! That was certainly not what I expected or had hoped for.

Can you imagine my distress? Ultimately I paid $52.00 and some change for 23 small organic potatoes… I guess I will be buying organic potatoes from here on out at the grocery store.

For the record these tubers were planted on 4-10-15 and dug up on 9-25-15.

Small House Homesteader, Donna

2 thoughts on “Wood Prairie Farm Organic Potatoes Review

  1. I bought two kinds of potatoes this year. I bought a purple variety from Gurney’s, certified disease free($20 including shipping), then I bought a bag of organic red potatoes from the grocery store ($4). I planted my whopping 6 purple seed potatoes and got maybe 3lbs from all the plants. They were tiny and they all have a strange, crackle texture on them. I don’t think it’s scab, but it’s something. Then I planted the bag of red potatoes and they produced 1-2lbs of potatoes per plant! And they don’t have the weird skin issues that the purple ones do. And all this after just tearing up the sod this year with no compost or fertilizer at all. I probably won’t be dropping ridiculous amounts of money on seed potatoes again. I’ll get them at local farm markets or in the organic produce section. I can’t justify $20 for a couple pounds of tiny potatoes.


  2. I totally hear you!! I have come to the same conclusion overall. I’ll buy my organic potatoes now at our local Meijer’s grocery store. Meijer’s here has the best tasting organic sweet potato’s I have ever eaten. And at least what I pay for at Meijer’s will be what I get. I considered that this potato situation could be a soil issue but I really don’t think it is. We began with sand that is now amended and potatoes love sandy soil! As always thanks for following!


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