Monday on the Homestead


White flowers at coner of porch

These white aster like blooms really draw in the bees.

Monday as you recall is our super busy on-the-road day. And this Monday was no different; with yoga, lunch with yoga friends, groceries, errands, a doctors appointment followed by PT for my foot.

I’m sharing some recent homestead photographs today for your enjoyment.

Back of house and chairs USE

The back view of our home and home garden beds.

grasswalkway and blooms flowers USE

Meadow light color

Two views of our August meadow.

VER frame horse trought sunfloers interesting USE


Gene working on the portable forge.

VEET inside forge

The inside of the White Oak Forge with the vintage anvil, forge and tools.

Rhodies gawly four month old USE

Ilsa is the only Rhodie we can tell apart from the others due to her dark feathers.

Rhodie head close up

One of the three unnamed Rhode Island Red triplets. I can’t tell them apart long enough to actually name them!

Snowball and ffreckels eating USE

Cochin buddies.

Two black Cochins USE

Cochin/Phoenix mix.

Have a great Monday!

Small House homesteader, Donna


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