An Almost Lazy Sunday

I have not been feeling like myself of late. I am feeling just plain exhausted most of the time. I have had various doctors’ appointment, blood work and as of now, nothing major has turned up. I do have the plantar fasciitis and am in a lot of pain from that and apparently that has worn me down. I’ve gotten my new custom shoe inserts and I start my physical therapy on that foot next week so hopefully things will get better and I will be more mobile again.

Maybe I just need a long vacation at an expensive spa with daily massages and mud baths…ya right!

Today was a lazy Sunday for us on the homestead. After morning chores, I planted a hops vine that I had potted up in the early spring. I made a small bed behind the blacksmith forge to replace the plants that died in the big flooding a few years back. I also transplanted a clump of epimedium (they like dry shade) and three or four clumps of hosta’s to fill in. It doesn’t look like much right now but in a few years it should be full and pretty.

Forge hops planting USE

Gene and I also took a drive down the lakeshore to run Sassy at Wau-kee-nau, bought some more locally grown Red Haven peaches and stopped in at my favorite garden center Hunt Tree Nursery. I needed a trellis and wanted a well-made fan-shaped cedar trellis and I knew I could find one there. This trellis will have a hops vine planted on it on the east side of the pole barn. This is a shady area so the vine will not get those pretty, white hops flowers but it will be leafy green and break up all of the wood fence.

Gene made spacers this afternoon and put the trellis up for me. I will be planting that vine in a week or two when it gets a bit cooler and then putting a transplanted St. John’s Wort’s shrub in front of it a well. This too replaces a shrub that died in the same flooding. Anything that was planted on low ground died and the plants that were planted a bit higher or in raised beds, made it…

Forge hops bed base USE

Then I treated Gene to homemade brownies using our own fresh eggs of course. These super-rich brownies with walnuts are his favorite sweet treat and I only make them once or twice a year now since we are trying to eat as healthy as possible. He tells a story that he fell in love with me over my brownies some 20 years ago, the ones I made from the package of unsweetened chocolate. When they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach that is definitely true for Gene.

Fan trellis inbetween USE

Have a wonderful week!

Small House Big Sky Homesteader, Donna

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