We Picked Tomatoes Today

It is a sad truth that our tomatoes did not do well on the homestead this year. The plants I bought from our local nursery just did not produce. The organic plants I purchased from my old CSA did well but are a variety of mini tomatoes; crab apple fruit size; great for eating fresh or in a tossed salad but not suitable for sauce.

Sills field and barn USE

The Sills Brothers Farm, South Haven, MI.

But luckily we live in what is known as the fruit belt of Michigan in the largest agricultural county in the state and we have many farms near us to choose among.

Bucket and pant diaganol USEOur 5-gallon bucket of tomatoes in the field.

So Gene and I drove to a local farm this morning and picked a bushel of tomatoes. It was only an hour from leaving home, to picking and returning home again. We then spent the morning together processing them and freezing them into 24 oz. cooking bag size in our Food Saver. We popped them into the freezer.

Veg in barn USE

Yes, I could have bought them from the grocery store but I wanted to avoid the salt in canned tomatoes as well as the BPA’s found in many aluminum cans. I also take an opportunity to support a local farmer or grower when I can.

Barn close blue sky use

Isn’t this a great old barn?

These tomatoes will help to make many hardy meals this winter!

Small House Homesteader, Donna

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