Time to Ask for Help

I consider myself a very independent person. I’ve always work hard and carried my load and more. I have worked long days even when sick with endometriosis many years ago when my children were small. I’m a mom and this is what mom’s do. But I honestly never thought this day would come…a day when I would admit to myself and to Gene that I can’t do this all alone anymore. Or that I would be paying for help around the house and homestead.

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and frustrated at falling behind couple with the pain of my plantar fasciitis pain. around. Today I hired a local girl to come and help me. I posted on Craig’s list and found a worker who lives just two miles from me. Grateful!


In spite of feeling embarrassed about this, it is actually a huge relief. I had anticipated that Gene would be helping me more and that between us we would be able to keep it all up but he has been busy building the chicken coop and run. And his feet are a mess too even worse than mine.

This 25-year-old angel came today and helped me for 3 ½ hours and it was a huge blessing. While Roxanne vacuumed the outside of our limestone house roof to garden beds I vacuumed the inside windows, sills, and screens, washed our bed quilt, sheets and blanket and hung them out of the clothes line to dry. I also took care of our chickens, helped Gene hold panels on the chicken coop, trickled watered the fruit trees and made a number of telephone appointments – all on less than four hours of sleep last night.

Roxanne lives just two miles from us, is a real hard worker and has endless energy and will come back on Thursday for another round. I was so exhausted doing my part of the work I don’t think I could have gone another hour and she was the one working outside in the heat while I was mostly inside in the cooler house.

I’m not used to asking for help. I don’t like admitting I can’t do it all myself, at least not this week. It’s just plain embarrassing. But I admit it feels so good to have made some real progress on my “to do” list today.

I like a clean and tidy home and this just may be the best money I ever spent.

Small House homesteader, Donna

P.S. I’VE been searching for other senior homesteaders for some time now. I’d like to form a group where seniors like Gene and I could benefits from as well as share. If you are a senior homesteaders and I like this idea…let’s talk!


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