On the Road Again

Yesterday was along day spent on the road with appointments in a nearby by city that’s an hours drive from our homestead.

This is always a love/hate relationship for me. I love living in the quiet country in the middle of no-where-ville but hate the long days spent driving to the city where most everything is located.

Many rurally based homesteaders find that in order to see a specialist or have a variety of shopping they must drive some distance. And if I am driving that distance that day inevitably becomes a day of errands appointments and visitations.

So know this issue may be pertinent to you ahead of time before you make a commitment to this kind of rural lifestyle.

Yesterday I had an early appointment followed by lunch with an old friend. We went to a lovely restaurant and sat outside on the patio by a small lake. The food was tasty and the companionship was wonderful. That lunch date was certainly the highlight of my day.

Jan DJ shade but great smiles edited jpeg 7-2015

 I’m on the left and my friend Jan is on my right hand side.

After a quick stop for gas and shopping at a health food store, I went to visit another old friend in her 90’s who now lives in assisted living. She wanted to take me to lunch but I had already eaten so we compromised on going out for dessert. While I certainly did not need a piece of too rich, peanut butter pie I knew that this was a read treat for her and something she was looking forward to so I readily agreed.

Roberta close head tilt but sweet

By the time got home it was late and by the time my goods were unpacked and put away I was one tired camper and ready for bed.

I was happy and glad to be home again in the breezy, cooler countryside!

Small House homesteader, Donna

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