An Abundance of Organic Blueberries

A heartfelt thank you goes out to my friend and fellow foodie, Elaine Herbert of Yelton Manor Guest House for ordering me 30 lbs. of organic blueberries this season. This kind gesture was the perfect answer to my need, especially this year.

Bliwbrries close USE

If you are ever in the South Haven, Michigan area and are looking for a “knock your sox off” bed and breakfast, be sure to contact Elaine, owner/Innkeeper. Gene and I stayed there one night on our belated honeymoon, 18 years ago using a gift certificate given to us by a group of my girlfriends. It was the perfect stay.

Blueberrie sin bag in boxes USE

I had planned on picking blueberries at our favorite U-pick Farm, Pleasant Hill Farm in Fennville, MI but a painful bacterial infection knocked the stuffing right out of me. I just did not have it in me to find the extra physical resources I would need to go out and pick blueberries myself this summer. We picked our strawberries at Pleasant Hill Farm this spring and you can read the details here:…e-beatles-song/

Berries close

Like so many others we love our blueberries year-round; using them in salads, our morning oatmeal and Cream of Rice as well as in crisps, baked good and plain from the bowl. Every year I buy and freeze more and more blueberries and still we always run out before the next season’s picking begins.

Blueberries are one of the best antioxidants available on the planet!

Thank you Elaine for coming to my rescue this year! You are a peach!!

Small House homesteader, Donna


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