Hot and Muggy on the Homestead- July 13-20 Photo Diary

LOVE THIS flag and catmint bedIt’s been a hot and muggy week in SW Michigan. I’ve been under the weather this week with a painful bacterial infection so have done what needs to be done around the homestead and left the rest. We are also getting ready for our guests arrival.

VERT pick daylilies and brick bed interesting view USE

Studio sidgarden NICE

The homesteads flowers are at their peak right now – so lovely.

Sunflower straight on

Three sisters sunflower close

The Rhodies are going in and out of their new coop this week. last night three out of four of them went in when it was time to go to bed, leaving just one for me to catch and put in.

Rubeckis bed close

Snowball puzzled look

I picked and we ate our first Provider green beans, snow peas and yellow sweet peppers from that garden.

Rubeckis bed closeVERT pool shack garden USE


Traingle fruit trees BEST view

ROR on her soapbox USE

path from woods side

Eating and posing USETHIS ONE

I hope you enjoy some of the photographs from this week.

Small House homesteader Donna


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