Things I Leaned From our Coop Addition

        One Rhoide looking at camera cute USE

This Rhode Island Red chick at just three months is already huge!

After almost two years with our four spoiled Cochins we added four more Heritage Rhode Island Reds to our flock this spring These RIR turned out to be BIG birds that developed very quickly.

Goldy side view on star use

One of the Cochin “Three Amigos.” These chickens are as thick as thieves.

While we did a lot of things right the first time we built our chicken coop, however I found out that a few tweaks would improve upon the coops functionality.

Chicken crossing sign

My fun chicken crossing sign from the days when I longed for chickens.

It turned out in our case that the two flocks did not particularly like each other so I am very grateful for having three different fenced-in runs accessible by gates that close each run section off. This means I can nudge the four RIR pullets into one run to feed them and call the four Cochins into a second run area. This saves on a lot of squabbles and unnecessary pecking.

Doors on coop tarps and tank water

South facing double doors are now on the coop. Winter dusting area below.

I believe we did do the runs well, however I have learned a few tricks I would do differently if I had a total chicken “do over.”

Door close hard warw cloth USE

Hardware cloth makes the windows predator safe. Shutters to be added this fall.


1) Build the coop bigger than we think is necessary

2) Add more ventilation than the last coop had

3) Make the chicken door lager than the first one

4) Built the coop so that it opens up into the covered run AND the outside run

5) Build the laying box so that I can access it both from inside the run and from the outside

6) Offer more than one place to dust

7) Give each flock a roost bar of their own. Think territory issues here!

Cluster of Rhodies eating

These Rhodies love their wet fermented feed.

Sometimes two different flocks integrate into one but many times they do not. In our case even though we have ample time for integration and the Rhode Island reds are bigger than the Cochins, the Cochin here seem to think they just rule the roost! So its two separate flocks for us after all.

Small House homesteader and chicken keeper, Donna


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