New Chicken Coop Addition Update

We have made some real progress on the new chicken coop this week. I have started thinking of it as a chicken condo with attached sunroom, now that the complex has two freestanding coops with an adjoining covered run.

Gene stapling lono in new coop USE

We opened up the south side of the covered run and slid the new coop 2 X 4 frame into place. late this week Gene started adding the completed side panels, hardware cloth and one set of double doors. We really like double doors design that open out on our coops so I can get in them to clean out the poop, add sand, change the sand out or hose the coop out in mid-summer.

Lino edge caulked USE

The lInoleum a friend gave us is down and the corners are caulked.

Most of the coops painting is complete. Though we did run into a snag with our chosen paint color.  We found out last week that the dark base of our Pittsburg Paint  brand (that we use as house trim/barn trim/coop paint) has been discontinued.  UG! this necessitated many phone calls to locate more, a long drive to another town to buy up the last four remaining quarts of dark base to have on hand and a $90.00 expenditure we had not planned on.

Sand and cart of sand USE

Early this morning I shovel sand and hauled to the coop and filled it.

Because both coops are within a few feet of one another, we planned to paint both the same brown tone.  Granted, dark brown is not a “pretty” color choice, but we have discovered that browns, tans and gray are the most practical colors for the country between chicken-made dust and gravel road dirt floating around.

Rhodies in sand USE

Within five minutes of the sand being down the Rhodies were in it, exploring.

Yesterday we put the floor board in and Gene stapled the linoleum into place. This morning I hauled over 12 half buckets of sand and spread the sand out on the coops floor. The Rhodies were in the sand within five minutes cooing, scratching and eating it. These birds absolutely adore a pile of fresh sand. Nothing makes them happier!

Chicken scratch close USE

They left their chicken scratch foot prints too!

One of the chicken ladders is made, on went both coop sides as well. After weeks of daily construction and painting and the feeling that the project is never going to end, progress is finally being made.

These birds are now three months old and very ready to be out of the dog kennel sleeping quarters into their own coop. Soon babies soon!

Gene just popped into the house and told me that thinks he the coop will be just completed enough or them to sleep in tonight. Horray!

Barn side flag in center nice

Our pole barn. Freshly laid bark chips and field stones make a garden.

Small House homesteader and chicken keeper, Donna

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