Our Homestead’s Photo Diary – July 1-8

It was an active July 4th holiday week at the Small House Homestead.

Little Miss Firecracker

Our granddaughter is all decked out for the family reunion.

This week’s highlights include; a little bit of fishing and swimming,  attending a family reunion, our first harvest of lettuce from our vegetable garden, a visit from our 6-year-old-granddaughter, three broody Cochin hens finally becoming un-broddy and more progress on the Rhode Island Reds chicken coop addition.

Brenna chicken with feather art USE

Art projects involving chicken feathers and tissue paper.

I am sharing some photographs from our home-centered homestead week with you. Enjoy!

Brenna cleaning chickne ladder USE

Brenna cleaning off the chicken ladder.

Girl Power 2015

Girl Power on the chicken coop extension.

Three Amigoes dusting eating

The broodie girls taking a break with watermelon.

Fishing Expedition 4 some

Gene and some friends went fishing.

Grandpa pounding in the shims

The covered run was opened and the new coop was slid in. The RIR pullets will soon be able to exit into the covered run or the open run.

Girls ready to jump USE

New friends came to play.

Happy Holidays!

Small House Homesteader, Donna

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