Small House Homesteads Week in Photo’s

It was a very physical week for us last week on the homestead. There was lots of gardening, building, animal care taking, herb gathering and drying and cooking going on. Quite frankly this is a typical week at the Small House Homestead.

The days were hot, humid and rainy but the nights were still cool, thank goodness!

Babies stump dish of food

The RIR pullets  were integrated into the existing flock.

Pool shack with wagon of herbs in frontI gathered various herbs from the meadow to dry.

Freckles and Sweet pea in the nesting boxThree of the hens went broody…again. Here Freckles and Goldy in a nest box.

Buttercups under tree bedButtercups bloomed in the bed under a White Oak tree.

Album holder flower pot for 2015Flowers were planted in the vintage record stand.

Baptise studio-meadow USEBaptisia bloomed in the meadow.

Strawberries on pound cakeI baked hubby a lemon pound cake for Fathers Day with strawberries on top.

Studio bed after repaired

I weeded and replenished pea gravel in the art studio walkway and bed.

I hope your week was a great one!

Small House Homesteader, Donna

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