What We Did on Father’s Day

The days are heating up here in SW Michigan. I get up early and take care of the chickens and usually begin my big outdoor project for the day while it is still fairly cool outside.

Studio bed after repaired

The weeded and cleaned up pathway and garden bed at the art studio.

Today while it was not yet windy, we sprayed Neem Oil on some plants the bugs have been munching on and I continued weeding around the art studio pathway as I continue to replenish the pea gravel that seems to disappear going who know where!

Studio bed edge before

The weedy and overgrown studio pathway “before.”

I have been working on this walkway clean up project all this week and as the days heat up my work time gets shorter and shorter so it will take me many more days to complete this to my satisfaction.

Pea gravel has some definite benefits in the garden; it’s inexpensive, we can haul home a trailer load ourselves for under $20.00 and skip the $100.00 delivery fee. Rain perks easily through it but with a canopy of White Oak trees  here I am forever picking out acorns, twigs and leaves and pulling out weeds.

Yes, I know I could skip this chore, and many folks do, but eventually the pea gravel would be buried under organic materials and look pretty crummy in my opinion. So every spring I go through this process to keep the pathway and garden edge looking nice and tidy. Besides when else do I get to haul 5-gallon bucket of pea gavel? Lol!

Today I also cleaned up the laundry room where the RIR babies have been living and sleeping. They made the transition to the outdoor coop and run this week. It was fun to have them in the house but I am thankful too to now have them and their mess all out-of-doors. Out went the brooder box to be burned, and various feeders, waters and large jars of feed were cleaned and stored.  I vacuumed the floor, thoroughly washed off and sterilized the top of the washer and dryer where everything chicken has been stacked. I have now regained control of my laundry room again! Yahoo!

Today being Father’s Day means I am cooking a fancy dinner for Gene. He requested BBQ spare ribs, peas and dessert. I baked his lemon pound cake yesterday and that is in the fridge waiting to be assembled at the last-minute with strawberries to go on top.

Lemon pound cake in pan

The pound cake hot right out of the oven.

Strawberries on pound cake

The pound cake plated with strawberries on it. Delish.

This afternoon we will enjoy sitting on the porch sipping some iced tea, reading and bird-watching and hopefully taking calls from children wishing Gene happiness on his day!

Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Happy Father’s Day to all fathers out there!

Small House Homesteader Donna

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