We Begin to Build Chicken Coop Number 2

Pullets on the ground DJ painting

The pullets are very curious about what I am doing on the ground with them.

Everyone says when you build your chicken coop build it bigger than you think you might need and let me tell you that is so true. We built too small of a coop the first time around and now we need to build a second coop. We started our second chicken coop today.  Our Rhode Island red pullets are developing so quickly that at 9 weeks they are all ready to be put out in the coop at night.  But the coop is not even built yet! Yikes!

Earlier this week we agreed upon a design and picked up some free wood from our neighbor. Yesterday Gene bought the rest wood for the project while I bought groceries.

Close pullets on frame USE

The four RIR pullets resting on the newly primed frame of their future coop.

Today Gene got built the frame and I ran to Menard’s and picked up the BIM 123 primer that we both forgot at Menard’s yesterday.

My intent is to start painting the frame and have that completed by the time he returns home from his two-day fishing trip later on this week.

Donna smiling chicks on frame USE

I’m just about ready to begin painting the coop in the brown second coat. The pullets are jumping from board to board.

We are using the basic same design as we used on Coop  #01 but are making it longer as the Rhode Island Red pullets are going to be BIG!  They are now ranging in their own pasture area though eventually they will pasture right with the layers.

We plan to incorporate the new coop connect  into the existing covered “playpen” so all the girls can move around in the covered area during our long Michigan winter. But we do have to figure out exactly how to make that happen with the existing layout. That will take a more time to figure out.

After more than three-weeks of looking at each other through the fencing I have been letting the two flocks intermingle on and off this week. While there have been some glitches when the Cochin’s have definitely let the pullets know who came first though it has gone smoother than I expected.

Pullets in big girl coop

I  go out to check on the pullets and find them roosting in the big girls coop!

These pullets have been curious about everything; the runs, the playpen and the coop. Today I found all four of the chicks in the layers coop on their roost bar while two of the hen was in their next box laying.  Opps!

And when I was painting the frame in the primer paint they came right up to me carefully watched my brush strokes, pecking at the marks on the wood and walking across the wooden bars and leaving their little chicken prints in the wet paint.

Sigh….Chicken Scratch tracks!

Small House homesteader and chicken keeper, Donna

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