Day in the Life of This Modern Homesteader

VERT swollowtail on chives USE

 This yellow swallowtail visited the chives in my garden today.

Most of the time Gene and I work on a project side by side to get the work done but today was a divide and conquer day.

Gene vacuuming houseUSE

Power ranger at work!

He took the shop vacuum and started vacuuming the outside of our limestone ranch-style house. This may sound extreme to some but between the massive amounts of oak flower dust and road dirt we have here, things get pretty dirty. I just like knowing that the house is thoroughly cleaned off once in the spring.

Close edge USE

Our front sidewalk after the weeds are pulled out.

Normally this does not get done until later on in the season but we decided to take advantage of the cooler weather and knock it off our list. (I’ve done this alone myself many a time in July with sweat pouring down my body. Not fun.

I started my day by putting a load of wash in the machine and putting the chicks out into the garden, feeding the big girls and then attacked the weeding in the pea gravel along our front ide walk getting ready for him to come along with the vacuum. I take photographs on and off throughout the day, everyday.

Clothes on the line

Air drying the sheets on the line.

Around 11 am. I went inside to start our big meal of the day; baked Alaskan salmon that we ate with left over wild rice casserole, maccaroni and cheese and various summer treats like cole slaw, potatoes salad etc. We like to eat our big meal at noon because most nights after a long physical day I am too tired to cook and often too tired to eat much more than a snack. All I can think about is my hot Epsom salt bath and crawling into bed to read a book.

Right after lunch I hit the garden and put in more vegetable seeds. This is a big chore that will take me several weeks to complete and I knock off a couple of hours at it everyday until the sun gets to hot to work there anymore. Along the way I swept the rugs and hung the clean clothes out on the line to dry.

Such is a day in the life of a modern homesteader!

Baked Alaskan Salmon with Peach/Mustard Glaze

I take a short drinking glass and mix up some honey mustard or Gray Poupon mustard. I add several spoons of peach jam and stir to mix.  Apply liberally to the top of salmon chunks and bake at 350 degree for 35 to 40 minutes.

Small House Big Sky Homesteader, Donna

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