Photo Diary – Day 5 – Super Chicks

Three in a row nice soft focus

Pst…have you heard the latest gossip?

These chicks are really something. I can’t say that they are “smart” but they are certainly born with every instinct they need for survival and they have plenty of them. It’s only day five and already they are scratching, pecking, dusting and perching. Amazing!

Perched adorable

Hold on tight there sis!


  1. Scratching up their paper towels into torn bits and eating them.  Yes, they are environmentally friendly towels, but still I don’t want them eating them. I switched to pine shavings.
  2. Dusting in the pine chips so I added a pile of sand for them
  3. Perching during yesterday’s photo shoot, so I added a twig to perch on in their brooder.
  4. Had real chick sized poops.
  5. Their primary and secondary wing feathers are developing.
  6. Perching on the side of their chick feeder and sometimes scratching the food out of the tiny oval hole to the floor.


  1. I added dehydrated kale from last year’s garden to their growing menu. I crumble it and put it right into their feeder and they gobbled it up.


  1. Fresh dandelion leaves, dried basil and honey steeped tea.


  1. Added a couple of sticks in the brooder for perching.
  2. Put their feeder and water bottle up on blocks of wood to try to keep them cleaner. (A  lost cause!)

Three in a row nice soft focus

 It’s a hen party.Move over darlin'Hey little darling, move over please!

Butt to butt

 Tush push!

Having chicks is a lot of work but its also a lot of fun. I am enjoying every day watching them grow and develop.

Small House homesteader, photographer and chicken keeper, Donna


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