Photo Diary: Small House Weekend in Photographs

This weekend we made a big push on our spring garden work. While Gene sucked the dry oak leaves out of the garden beds with a leaf blower, I hand-pick leaves, twigs, acorns and anything else that does not belong out of our various bark chip mulched beds. My goal is to finish one large flower bed area done each day in addition to a load of wash, lots of cooking, my daily cleaning, taking care of the chickens and our Lab and keeping up with my computer work.Early morning light around circle bed USE

The early morning light makes lovely shadows on our sidewalk.

With our 2/12 acres of garden this clean-up is a big, big job that will take us several months to accomplish. It is just plain a lot of work for even the two of us.  But when it’s done and the various shrubs, grasses and perennials are in bloom. It is definitely a lot of oh-la-la.

HORZ early soring from turnaround USE

Our turn-around bed garden with a promise of many blooms to come.

Right now the daffodils are in full bloom so I have been taking an opportunity to photograph them nearly every day. Today we also put out the half circle flag on our front porch so I shot a few images of that as well. I had to choose my camera or my binoculars when we took Sassy for her swim and today I choose my binocular. That was a mistake because the light was perfect at the pond for photographs. Sigh.

I hope you enjoy a taste of spring on the homestead!

Front sidewalk more dramatic USE

The front entrance to our ranch-style bungalow.

Pole barn front USE

The practical pole barn under a canopy of White Oaks and White Pines.

Daffoldils stones USE

Lovely jonquils enliven the pole barn bed.

Brick raised beds after cleaning out bare USE

The raised brick beds next to our homes driveway. Empty of leaves. Waiting.

Freckles USE

Freckles in the open chicken run.

New screens 2014 USE

New screens for the family room windows. This use to be the garage.

Daffodils three rocks USE

Scented daffodils grace our garden right now looking like bursts of sunshine.

P.S. tomorrow I pick up our four new Rhode Island Red chicks…Expect some baby chick picture next week.

Small House Homestead, Donna

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