Beginning the Big Garden Clean Up

We have a lot of trees here on the homestead…lots… of… trees. We love our majestic White Oak trees not only for their immense grandeur and beauty and for the oxygen they give us but also for the shade they provide to us over our non-air conditioned home.

Fresh bark chips in rround tree bed USE

The bed around the crabapple tree is now cleaned out and fresh bark chips added.

But the downside to trees is that they also mean a ton of leaves and a lot of garden and yard clean up come spring (and fall too.). We started the big flower bed(s) clean-up project this week. My goal is to get this leaf pick-up work done before I begin to plant the vegetable garden. Some years I make that goal, some years I do not.

Front door area USE

Sidewalk to our front door and bed area to right was here when here we moved here. I would have created it differently!

Gene is into all things mechanical so this means, left blower, leaf suckers, lots of noise and long green electric cords. I’m a lot more low-tech. I usually just sit on my bottom on a foam pad, scooting along and cleaning beds out using my hands and putting the leaves into a 5-gallon plastic bucket. I do use our Cart Vermont wooden garden cart to cart haul them to the woods and put them on the trails. Not one bit of those leaves go to waste.

Planter box USE

Brick raised bed planters cleaned out for the season.

This year after I removed the leaves I also added bark chip mulch because our old mulch had pretty much turned into new soil. This is called the Back to Eden method of gardening, a practice I started some 15 years ago long before I ever heard of that method.

Cart in driveway USE

Cart and gear in driveway awaiting leaves.

Luckily I only have to add bark chips every few years but this is the year unfortunately.  So it’s going to be a big year of working in the garden…Thank goodness Gene finally quits his job at Menard’s on April 28, also his 70th birthday. We will begin to draw from his IRA to make up the gap that his pension and our social security do not fill. We will both be, finally… fully retired.

Traingle bed USE

Another view of our front door bed with my cement chickens.

He is now going to go to work for me!!

Small House Homesteader, Donna

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