Our Leaking Three Season Porch Saga

Diversified servcies sign

Diversified Services truck sign.

Today we began another round of contractor estimates for a roofing membrane for our three season’s porch’s leaking roof. We were initially led to believe that we could use shingles, got all those estimates and now we have been told that shingles will not work due to the 1/12 roof pitch and that we need a more expensive membrane roof instead. Oy vey!

Guys antenna

The experts look over our roofing issues.

So it all begins again!

We added this room addition to our home about thirteen years ago and we have really enjoyed having this almost-outdoor space. We virtually live out in our porch during the warmer weather; looking over our property and enjoying the rewards of a job well done. We eat our meals there, we sit and watch the birds from this porch, we occasionally take a cat nap there after a hard physical days labor, we read on this porch and listen to NPR programming there almost every night in the summer.

garden back of porch chartreuse and porch

Attached to the back of our home, our porch overlooks our 5-acre property.

But the porch’s metal roof has been leaking continuously from both rain and snowfall now for the past 8 years. And the pleasure of that room had plummeted from being a place of pure pleasure to a pain in the you know what.

The company, Three Seasons Porch,  who installed it new for us has gone out of business (naturally) so we have been left high and dry (or should I say left underwater!)

Bucket long shot

Buckets capturing water from the melting snowfall.

The leaking roof has caused mold and mildew in our enclosed roof panels and our floor and the leak has virtually ruined our very expensive river rock flooring which is now going to require additional funds, time and energy to repair.

Water in buckets in porch

Buckets capture of leaking water after each rainfall.

Sometimes I get so discouraged and tired of fighting fires around here and there have been WAY too many of them to fight this month.  And, at times I feel like I am the only person taking responsibility for fixing them.

Today I am feeling especially discouraged and frustrated and sick at heart…as it seems like this old house means nothing but problems, maintenance and fixes that just never ends. And it is always more money going out than is coming in. I guess this is the where the phrase, “Houses are Money Pit’s,” came from.


One of my favorite “looking into” views of our porch.

Today we had an appointment with Paul Niekamp of Diversified Services, a commercial flat roofing specialists that specializes in membrane roofing projects. His recommendation is to put on a PVC rubber membrane roof.

Guys antenna

The guys on the roof consult and confer to make a plan.

I got up at 5 a.m. this morning so I could check out Diversified Services own website and look them up on the West Michigan Better Business Bureau site/ Then I took a virtual tour of the Durolast.com website to better understand how this companies membrane roofing system is made and installed.  If I am going to spend this kind of money, I need to feel safe that this product is well made and guaranteed and I need to be assured that this certified installer will do a good, if nor great job of the install.

Side of porch close USE

The pitch of this roof is 1/12 and not a candidate for shingles.

Tomorrow I will call our insurance agent to check if by chance this situation is covered under out homeowners warranty. After the roof is on and the project is completed, then our entire aluminum gutters system will be cleaned out, thoroughly dried and totally resealed to close off any leaks. Then I will have to have the Riverrock flooring repairs, cleaned and resealed. I am praying that our insurance plan will cover at least a portion of this repair work.

I would rather be planting food but this maintenance seems to never ends…

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