New Chicken Theme Header

I like to change the photographs at the top of my blog to reflect the current season and what is happening here on the homestead. While customizing a blog is beyond my limited abilities (with the exception if setting my basic blog up in WordPress) I CAN make a custom header in PicMonkey.

Eggs in blue bowl USE

Beautiful brown Cochin eggs are what I find in my nest box every morning.

I love that free blog program to edit my photographs and create photo collages and if I can teach myself how to use it, anyone can.

I knew I wanted to make a new header image that reflects our chicken keeping practice here on the homestead but I lacked a picture of our girls beautiful and petite brown eggs. They only started laying eggs two weeks ago and I had to wait until I had a couple of dozen eggs, enough to make a respectable setting in some kind of a container.

I finally got a chance to work on my photo still life this weekend. I started out using old linens under a fancy Phoenix Bird bowl but did not like the way that translated, just too busy. After several linen changes I tried a piece of yard goods I bought at a thrift ship for a few bucks, thinking it would look really pretty a seat cushion on a painted chair.  Bingo! This one looked wonderful and played up the blue of the old antique crockery bowl and the creamy brown of the brown eggs.

Now that I had a jpg that I liked I needed to put them with two more photographs that also helped to tell the story of our Cochin chickens.

This is what I ended up with..

Chickens 3 panel no text jpeg

Our coop, our eggs and our chickens-without text!

Chicken Keeping Collage 3 panel w text jpeg

With text…

Whether you keep chickens for eggs, meat or as pets these birds are a blessing in my life and I for one am thankful for what they offer me. They are complex social creatures and we are privileged to give them a good home. Their unique personalities and amusing antics make me laugh and help to give me a grounded perspective.

Small House Homesteader and chicken keeper, Donna

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