Ready Now for Gardening and Chicks

It’s a rare day that we go to town and actually buy consumer goods. For us it’s mostly perusing Goodwill and resale stores for function clothing. But today we went to town and it was like Christmas in March!

Fancy Feet

Flower Power!

We picked up a few minor necessities we need for the soon to be arriving chicks; a metal feeder base, a thermometer for the brooder box as well as an extra package of electrolytes for travel-worn chicks.

But the really special acquisition today was some new gardening shoes.  I’ve usually gardened in worn out leather shoes or solid green muck boots but this year I splurged on a 1970’s “Flower Power” pattern of slip on Muck boots which will keep my feet dry and warm. I prefer the easy to slip on and off moccasin on style because I am in and out of the house on and off all day long and I need to get them on and off quickly.


Tools for the new chicks arriving in April.

I’m also testing some rye grass seeds to use as chicken green fodder. We stooped at our regular feed store to get dog food and organic layer pellets and I picked up a pound of fodder seeds to test out for chicken greens. At just 65 cents a pound, I’ll be planting these this week IF the ground warms up enough.

Oh, and I did pick up three pairs of $3.99 jeans for gardening and a couple of fleece tops. Now I can actually throw away the jeans that are so full of holes, they as my husband says, made going outside in public quite indecent. The news jeans made him happy and should make the neighbors happy too!

Now if the weather would just warm up enough to warm up the soil!

Small House Homestead and gardener, Donna

P.S. Just to set the record straight…I coined the term “Flower Power” for the boot pattern because I am old enough to remember the slogan from the Flower Children era in the 1970’s when I was in college at the time.  So many people on Facebook asked for the real data…here it is: BRAND: Muck Boots, PATTERN NAME: Breezy Low, bought at Family Farm & Home in Holland, Michigan.


6 thoughts on “Ready Now for Gardening and Chicks

    • This was such a huge treat for me! My old gardening shoes were so worn out that they hurt my feet. It was past time in fact! These are such a bright and fun pattern I am looking forward to wearing them too. I’m 65 and recalling the 70’s in my “Flower Power” slogan! Would have been a great name for the pattern too, unless it is a copyrighted slogan! Lol.
      Thank you for reading my blog!!

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  1. Love your new shoes, so colorful and spring-like! It’s always fun to splurge on something new every once in a while. I’m with you, bring on the warm weather!


    • Thanks for such a positive reply! I am looking forward to wearing them! I put a picture of these shoes on Facebook and got such an unexpected response I thought I’d put the “details” here so it does not sound like I am “selling” Muck boots!
      My boots are Breezy low (the pattern) made by the Muck Boot Company. I am sure they are sold in many places but I bought mine from Family Farm & Home in Holland, MI. 616-396-2933.

      As always, thank you for following my blog!!

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