Let Them Eat Cake…er Bugs

So few bugs are awake yet in SW Michigan…the ground is still frozen in most places. But I have a secret….the bird feeding bed has worms under it in the soil under the many inches of sunflower seeds hulls dropped there by the songbirds.

Bucket and shovel

Bucket of worms in the garden waiting to be eaten.

So today I gave the chickens a little treat…a 5-gallon bucket of soil and sunflower seed hulls with a few worms mixed in. I dumped them in the still dormant vegetable garden where I wanted them to turn the soil over. Let those little buggers work for their dinner!

Circle pile USE THIS ONE

Chickens circling the mound of dirt.

You should see them come a running when I bring the bucket into the run and turn it over…They just know what is in store!

Sweet Pea and pile


Small House chicken keeper, Donna

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