Sunday at Grandma’s Small House Homestead

Brenna holding wedges USEI’ve taken a few days off a couple from blogging. This is in part because I have been under the weather and then getting ready for a day with family.

I spent the morning cooking a big “from scratch” home-cooked meal that included an Amish chicken with root vegetables, a wild/brown rice  casserole, Jello fruit salad and a lettuce salad and then enjoying our granddaughter’s Sunday dinner visit.

We spent a wonderful day with our granddaughter, son and girlfriend Sunday. We enjoyed a tasty home cooked dinner, enjoyed helping grandpa put up the new bird feeder and filling the garbage cans up with sunflowers seeds, playing with the chickens, learning to play dominoes and just generally enjoying spending time together. A wonderful day!

Brenna petting USE

 Brenna’s enjoying her first touch of our chickens.

Whoa wings flying USE

Watch out those chickens do fly!

Brenna looking under grandpa pounding USE

We put up the new bird house but its wiggly?

Brenna holding wedges USETime for wedges!

Brenna looking under grandpa pounding USE

Just a few more adjustments!

Grandpa pouring bucket Brenn w lid

Brenna holding the copper top while grandpa dumps the sunflower seeds.

At the end of the day I asked Brenna what was her favorite thing of the day? She answered, “Helping grandpa with that craft thing!”

Kids say the darndest things! Love that girl!

Small House homesteader and grandmother, Donna


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