Trimming Wire Ends Around the Coop Today


A computer program created this “artsy” photograph of Clover and her babies in the coop. This is a gift from my mother, Janet Bobby.

We took advantage of the lovely 40 degree, sunny weather today in SW Michigan by doing a bit of “fine tuning” on our chicken coop.

When we built our coop and added the plastic covered “storm windows” to enclose the bottom of the coop we had to rush a few things. It was bitterly cold outside that weekend and my husband found himself lying on the hard cold ground and was freezing. He did the best he could to just get the job done. But here were some pointy wires at the ground level sticking up that needed to be address.

Today when I let the chickens out of the coop to enjoy the warm weather, I was worried that they might puncture a leg or injure themselves in some way on those pointy wires. I’ve read that a puncture wound would likely mean in infection and in the long run an infection could mean a possible death. This is serious business.

Gene coop signs show

Gene cutting wire and adding the second furring strip.

So we trimmed the wire back and added a second stapled pine furring strip to the base of the coops legs. I then piles bark chips around the base to cover up the area as a secondary precaution. I know I can be a worrywart, but I do feel a lot more secure about this issue now.

Finished chicken edging

The completed wire trimmed safer base of the chicken coop.

I also removed the cardboard “doors” covering the coops two nest boxes. We had covered them for the winter to keep the birds from nesting in the boxes and pooping in them.

Although the Cochins breed tend to lay their eggs later than some breeds, our chickens are around seven months old now and heading into the stage where they should begin to lay their eggs soon. I want to them to get familiar and comfortable with these nest boxes and with warmer weather coming, I feel that the time is now.

I added two golf balls in each nest to give them the idea that this is where their eggs go. They were very curious about the boxes and spent the day going in and out of them and rearranging the bedding. Of course they scratch and move those golf balls to the edge of the box and to the bottom of the box. It’s as if they know golf balls do not belong in their nest box!

The chickens were very happy to play around in the sunshine today and vegetate in the warm air.

I am hoping that soon I will be collecting our very own chicken eggs on the Small House Homestead! No matter what, chicken keeping is always an adventure!

Small House chicken keeper, Donna



3 thoughts on “Trimming Wire Ends Around the Coop Today

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  2. Sounds like you got a neat set up for your chickens. Hope your hens start laying soon! It’s always exciting when the first eggs appear! 🙂


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