Alaskan Salmon For Our New Year’s Eve Dinner

My goal for our NYE dinner celebration is real food, cooked simply, that tastes great!

I had planned on driving to Detroit over NYE to see some extended family, but an unexpected death in that part of the state changed our plans.

Full plate USE

My plate just as I was sitting down to eat.

We talked about going to Mothers Trust in Ganges for a NYE spiritually based program but when a call from my cousin’s came though telling me about a once-a year-early New Year morning breakfast I knew that was where I wanted to be. At age 64, there are so few of us left that anything involving family becomes a priority for me.

Rolls closer partial cookie sheet

Rye rolls, yummy!

So my thoughts turned instead to cooking a special NYE dinner for Gene and I. We considered buying a lobster, fresh shrimp or wild caught salmon. The salmon won the vote. There is only one place to buy wild caught salmon in our area and we shopped there yesterday and bought one pound of Alaskan grown salmon for $11.99 a pound. We bought just one pound – this is a rare treat for us.

Our menu includes the salmon baked under a mustard/peach glaze that I like so well, rye rolls and a vegetable (maybe broccoli but as yet to be determined.) YUM!

Last year we ate out and were very disappointed by the lack of quality of the food so we are eating in this year!

My Simple Mustard/Peach Glazed Salmon

Mix ½ Gray Poupon Mustard with peach jam or preserves (the amount of each depends on how much fish you are cooking) For one pound of fish I mixed up about ¼ cup of each.Salmon diaganol

 Our salmon baked and ready to plate.

Using a glass baking dish, I put in the salmon meat side up/skin side down and spread on the mixed glaze. Bake at 325 for about 10 minutes depending on the thickness of the salmon. Serve hot.

Dessert is a fresh pineapple!

Happy new year from the homestead!

Small House homesteader, Donna


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