Walk the Plank!

At long last our chicken coop “gang plank” ladder is now chickie baby friendly!

Chicken door all faces USEjpeg

Gathering their courage our 5-month-old Cochins come out the chicken door and down the ladder.

I have been wanting to get some kind of material down on the chicken ladder (aka gang plank) to help the chickens get in and out the chicken door without slipping and sliding on the slick painted surface. The holiday, our normal workloads and serious construction on the enclosed run area always seemed to take priority.

Plank and coop


Today with our weekly run into town for yoga and groceries we stopped at Tractor Supply to see if they had the horse stall liner material we were considering. I’d asked the members of the on-line Chicken Community what they might suggest and heard a number of great ideas; everything from cutting up an old doormat pieces to trim-able stable liner matt.

Tread on stair after use jpeg


The liner turned out to be way too big of a piece and way too thick to cut down so while we were there the salesperson suggested we try skid guard treads for the stairs. It’s a kind of thick paper with a sand paper like surface that help feet grip. We gave that a try. Gene cut and adhered the tread material and I closed the double door and opened the chicken door and waited.

Skid Grauyrd closs up jpeg

In less than a minute Momma Clover saw that the door was open and out she went! Next came the babies one by one, stumbling, slipping and sliding and pretty much flying out. Well one way –out- was successful Tomorrow we work on teaching them how to go up the ladder and get back in the coop! Every day with chickens is an adventure!

Small House Homesteader and Chicken Keeper, Donna

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