Using Oak and Maple Leaves on the Homestead

Using leaves on the Small House homestead is Permaculture gardening at its finest….waste nothing!

Benna & Grandpa basket backs USEjpeg

Grand daughter Brenna and grandpa Gene, with their pack-baskets taking a walk down the leaf strewn path in our 15 acre woods.

I love using dry leaves in my chicken coop, garden and our wooded trails paths as well. They are free for the taking and this natural and holistic system just plain works well.

Back of compost close USE

Our compost bin is surrounded by leaves which help keep the weeds down to a minimum.

I prefer the oak leaves in the coop and on the wooded trails (we have 47 White Oak Trees) since it takes them a long time to break down. I use my son’s maple leaves for our garden beds because they do break down quickly and over the winter they break up and start to turn into wonderful soil by summer. I use more oak leaves in the vegetable garden on the pathways and edges to keep down the weeds.

Sassy looking use

Layers of leaves help to kill the weeds in our vegetable garden and give the chickens a great place to scratch for worms and bugs.

Today I added more dry oak leaves to my chicken coop’s deep litter. My husband sweep out the pole barn yesterday and swept up a couple of buckets full of leaves in the clean up process. I just make sure they are very dry.

Chickens interesting poseUSE

Clover and babies – chicken scratching on the farm!

The chickens love to scratch through them too!

Donna from the Small House Homestead

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