Reorganizing the Kitchen Pantry

Winter is the organizational time of year on our homestead. I have a long list of projects I want to accomplish this winter. They include reorganizing the kitchen pantry, cleaning out and reorganizing the bathroom closet spaces, and cleaning out a bedroom drawer to name just a few messy places that need some shaking up.

Pantry one open after reorganizing jpeg

The kitchen pantry after it is cleaned out and reorganized. Yes!

I’m the kind of person who hates clutter. Chaos and clutter in my home drives me wild and severely impacts my ability to think clearly and to function at my peak form. I think clutter taps into an ADD and ADHD gene I fight and drives my mind wild.

Pantry wall all doors closed jpeg

Neat, tidy and clean is my motto!

I’m a “less is more” person and my husband is a more is “more” kind of person so this is place where we clash. The way we have worked this out is this way…I’m in charge of the atmosphere in the house and Gene can do what he wants in the pole barn. This means the house is neat and tidy and the pole barn is a complete disaster piled from floor to ceiling.  Honestly I am NOT kidding you, you cannot imagine just how bad it is.


The workbench side of the pole barn.

I know you think I am exaggerating but take a look here and now let me know if you think I am making this up? My husband is a sweetheart and will do anything I ask him to do but when it come to his personal space….well things run to messy.


Things overflowing in the pole barn. Who can think in this?

Most of the time our compromise system works. Thankfully in the summer months we are too busy to focus much on the clutter but it is in the indoor winter months things come to a head. I keep a computer listing of winter projects to help me focus on what needs to get done when the snow falls.


Stuff, stuff and more stuff…

This week I began to tackle our kitchen pantry. Least I sound like I am complaining, please know I feel lucky to have such a large pantry space with matching doors to close off the clutter. When those doors are closed it looks a lot like a nice clean wall. This pantry was built by the people who owned the home prior to us and I silently thank them.

I started by emptying the cupboards out, washing the vinyl shelving protector the previous owners put down and then start to organize like items with like.  It’s not rocket science, throw out the old and unused and reorganize what items remains.

I find things I thought were long gone in an old garage sale, like a salad spinner and a pasta maker. Neither has been used in 18-20 years, so out they go.

One problem area is the salad dressing and cooking oil area. Everything was sitting on an older microwave bacon cooking pan but things were always slipping around, falling over and slipping. I reused an old, deep large Tupperware storage unit that holds all the bottles and will contain any drips or spills. that should fix the problem.

All of our bills, receipts and tax information were in this cupboard too but they are taking up precious space of can goods. Out they go and they will find a new home too perhaps in the office.

It feels so good to get organized once again.

Small House Homesteader, Donna


5 thoughts on “Reorganizing the Kitchen Pantry

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  2. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day! I had to chuckle when I read this post. Growing up I was a “not-so-neat-and-organized” person, but somewhere along the way, I developed a “neat” gene. My husband’s garage on the other hand looks like your husband’s pole barn!


      • Obvious items such as thoroughly worn-out clothes and nonfunctioning vacuum cleaners “disappear” for a few months, then somehow end up in the local trash dumpster while he’s at work! I, like you, put on my blinders when I go into the garage as that is his domain. Just don’t bring what belongs in the garage into the house!


  3. I too am of the belief that there’s a place for everything and everything should be in it’s place. Purging is great….my husband says as long as I’m not going to just go and buy it again ;P He is much like yours, sweet and thoughtful but messy!


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