Seed Saving at the Small House Homestead

This is the first year I have attempted to save my own garden seeds.

Seeds Saved all jars

A row of garden seeds in air tight jars sits on my window sill.

I bought my organic seeds from Territorial Seed Company, Oregon this spring and I was not sure I would have the time or energy to save seeds this year so I didn’t make a commitment one way or the other.


One of the Territorial Seed Company catalogues.

But when fall was coming on, I began to think maybe I would just let some of the beans pods rest on the vine and dry out. Then on the day we pulled out the old beans vines we found a lot of pods that had been hiding underneath that were dry and full of seeds.

Then I found myself feeling inspired… and the race was on.

I saved five varieties this year; snap and dried beans. And tomorrow when my 5-year-old granddaughter comes to visit for the day I plan to show her how to open the dried pod, take out the beans and save some for next year.

I really want her to know where her food comes from.

I also saved some carrots for her to pull up from the ground too and well eat those for dinner.

This is an age-old experience, the elder passing on their knowledge to the next generation. I am proud to be a part of this lineage of teaching self-sufficiency.

vert GARDEN lush use

The Homesteads vegetable garden at its peak last summer.

If you want to read all about seed savings and the how-to’s this is a great site:

Should you like to contact the Territorial Seed Company you can call then toll-free at 800-626-0866. For a free catalog, you can go here:

I received nothing for this post. I am just a satisfied user!

Small House Homestead, Donna

3 thoughts on “Seed Saving at the Small House Homestead

  1. How wonderful! My granddaughter is 7 months old and I have to admit, thoughts of her had a lot to do with our decision recently to begin the move toward farming and sustainable living. It’s slow going right now as we wait out time until taxes in a hotel room, buy I hope by the time she can understand and participate, we’ll have a farm up and running!


    • Chrystal L., Sharing our homesteading adventure with our granddaughter has been one of the shining stars in our homestead. I so want her to realize where her food come from and to make as healthy as possible choices. She loves coming to grandmas and grandpa’s house and I am always thinking up fun things for us to do. Hang in there and know that all is possible for those who have the patience to make their dreams come true. Thing happen slowly on a homestead and that is the best and true-ist way of things for sure-just think of the seasons!


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