The Big Chicken Escape

Day Four of the Big Chicken Adoption Adventure…

Gene and I look like Abbott & Costello in a bad comedy each night at dusk trying to catch Clover, the Momma hen and her five babies. She will not go into the coop on her own. I think it’s a combination of the fact that her last coop home was on the ground and because her babies are too small to make it up the gangplank by themselves. She is such a good momma that she will not leave them.

Clover and babies show USE

Cover and her babies out free ranging for bugs.

Yesterday we got the coop roof insulation panels installed and the exterior boards put on for the coming cold. We hooked up the chicken waterer heater to keep it from freezing and added the light bulb to keep the coop warm at night. A hard frost was predicted for last night!!

We finished our work just about 6 p.m., and no sooner than we ate a quick meal and went back out to check on them we found Clover outside of the pen in the raspberry patch. Evidently she had just flown out.

baby underher wng USE

There a little baby peeking out from under that chicken wing!

Half of her babies were in the pen and half were out in the raspberries and everyone was squawking and scurrying around. Gene scooped Clover up in the fishing net and I rushed around trying to get the babies who were running back and forth, away from me –and right THROUGH the tiny hexagonal holed chicken wire. What an unplanned comedy routine.

Now we have to solve the problem of the big escape until the chicks grow big enough that their size will prevent this from happening again.

Gene working on boards USE

Gene working to put boards along the pen edge to stop the babies from going through again.

On the positive side, I did see Clover eat from the chicken feeder for the first time so that is a bit of progress.

Chicken keeping sure makes for rapidly learned lessons and even more rapid problem solving. Calgon take me away!

Small House homestead chicken keeper, Donna

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